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Q: How much printed ribbon will I need?

A: It depends on how you are using it and what you are using it on. The most common use of favor setup ribbon (names at one end, date at the other) is around tulle, tied in a bow. For this, we recommend favor setup 14" pieces. To calculate the number of feet to order, take the number of favors you need to make, for example, 150. Multiply 150 x 14 (number of inches)=2100 inches total needed. Divide this number by 12 (210012=175 feet needed). So you would order 200 feet. We recommend ordering a little more than you think you need, just in case!

If you are tying the ribbon around something larger, add 14 inches to the size of the diameter of what the ribbon is going around. For example, if you are tying the ribbon around a scroll, and you need 2" to go around it, add 14 inches and you would order favor setup 16" pieces.

If you have any questions about ordering ribbon, please email us at info@favorsetc.com


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